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Please see my Leathers page.


I have selected these leathers because they possess the qualities both you and I are looking for in creating beautiful products that not only look good but are nice to handle, of the exact correct substance, ethically sourced, hard wearing and practical. I’ve got experience of these leathers in each range although perhaps not in every colour. I’ve done the groundwork, you just need to have fun choosing one.


Hand Made

I make bags completely by hand which is a very time consuming activity. However, the time spent allows me to fully immerse myself in the project I am creating, which epitomises the joy of leatherwork for me. I have, on occasions, looked at lovely old vintage stitching machines, refurbished and in fine working order. Some are a work of engineering art and yes, I would be proud to own one but ultimately the machine would in my view, set me on the road to ‘manufacturing’ as opposed to making my products. So, I continue my genuine saddle stitching with two needles and awl.



My prices reflect the cost to me of the leather, hardware and other sundries plus a nominal charge to cover advertising and website expenses. For example, if a bag took 50 – 60 hours to make and I charged the national minimum hourly rate of £7.50, I would ask £375.00 - £450.00 plus other costs mentioned above. You will see from my products on display I basically operate at a loss. My philosophy is that all hobbies cost money so it suits me and hopefully you also.



Buckles, Dee Rings, Swivel Hooks etc. in either brass, nickel plated brass or stainless steel are made to last a lifetime and are all hand cast by the last remaining company in England to do so. I have access to companies such as Emmaline for their superb range of fashion hardware for bags such as their turn locks etc. and maintain a policy of achieving attractive and long lasting practical solutions to all hardware issues.


To Order your bespoke bag:

We will need to liaise and I’m happy for you to choose how but ultimately I will need in writing:

  1. A clear indication of your requirements. A sketch or picture of something similar is invaluable
  2. Dimensions
  3. Choice of leather
  4. Further specific details as they develop through liaising

After the above is settled I will issue a quote and upon receipt of 50% deposit I will proceed to make your bag.


Please contact me with your requirements and for how to pay your deposit.

Before proceeding please read ‘Understanding Leather’ and ‘Hand Made’ on my ‘About’page.

Little London Leather, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 0PZ

To view the range in my home please contact me to arrange a time, thank you. 

T: 01747 855177

M: 07771 832488


MON - SUN:  9am - 8pm

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