Caundle Purse


Small artisan tanners and curriers working in the valleys of mid Europe, produce this beautiful leather from animals that have lived a wild and free life in the surrounding higher altitude scrublands. Using pure mountain stream water, they pit tan the skins over many months. The skins produced are amongst the most natural you will find and retain the cuts, grazes insect bites and natural growth wrinkles that define the character of each skin. Every skin of course being different.


Super soft to handle yet strong and absolutely full of character. The exceptional colouration and grain of this leather is a joy to study and everyone loves the oily feel of this beautiful soft leather.


If like me you prefer to travel light, this simple purse may be a solution for you. It will hold your driving licence, credit cards and a few coins for the car park. With chip & pin, contactless payments and more car parks converting to card payments, do you really need that bulky wallet or purse?


This is a uni-sex product which will be easily found in a bag and will also sit comfortably in a trouser pocket.



80mm High X 130mm Wide



Please read Understanding Leather and Handmade on the About page.

Little London Leather, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 0PZ

To view the range in my home please contact me to arrange a time, thank you. 

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