Leather Splitter/Skiver


C.S. Osborne No 86a Leather Splitting Machine / Skiver


This solid leather splitting machine is the most professional marketed. It has a sturdy cast iron frame & leverage control roller for easy skiving of leather, 6 hollow ground inlaid blade.


Easy fine-tuning adjustment for even splitting of any thickness of leather. For the true professional.


  • 6 Blade
  • Adjustable leverage control for tapered skiving
  • Instructions for Use


Attach the splitting machine to work bench using the four screw holes.
Adjust the leverage control for desired thickness of cut. Keep adjusting it as you pull for tapered skiving.

Push Lever C to open the blade and insert leather. Release lever and pull leather firmly through roller and blade.

For adjustment on the roller to centre blade, use both screws marked B to line up edge of blade with the centre roller. Always use both screws while adjusting.

The 6 Blade is hollow ground. To keep it sharp, hone on oil stone flat side only. When hollow ground or top side needs re-grinding, it should be done by an experienced person. Rub blade on oils stone flat on flat side of the blade. When putting re-sharpened blade back, make sure blade is centred on the centre of the roller.

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